Image of For Tony: Heavy Duty Vintage Caster Set A

For Tony: Heavy Duty Vintage Caster Set A

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Set of 4 large industrial casters with thick iron spoke wheels, steel forks and mounting plates. Two swivel and two rigid- swivel casters allow cart to turn easily, while rigid casters follow their lead and keep it stable. Place the rigid casters on the long side, swivel casters on the short side for iconic factory cart arrangement.

Overall height of 6 1/2”. 5” wheels with 2" face. 4” x 4” swivel mounting plates. Each caster weighs 7 lbs. In great operational and structural condition, but please note the damaged mounting hole on one of the rigid caster plates.

Super heavy duty and very high quality-

• Double raceway bearings (2 concentric circles of ball bearings- an advanced technology to address both vertical and horizontal stresses)

Roller bearings in wheels for maximum performance.

• 3/8“ thick steel forks and 1/4" mounting plates, all hand cut and welded.

• Grease fittings on both wheel and swivel bearings.

1940s era by Service Caster of Albion, MI. Remnants of original dark khaki painted finish. Am not familiar with this company creating casters in this color, so believe these to be fabricated for the military in WWII.

Thoroughly cleaned- power wire brushes removed rust and thick grime, then soaked in degreaser and hand washed. Moving parts lubricated to give another 100 years of service.

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