Image of Vintage Industrial Cart Casters

Vintage Industrial Cart Casters

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Set of 4 MASSIVE industrial swivel casters. Very heavy duty with thick iron spoke wheels, steel forks and mounting plates. Luscious patina of worn scarlet paint. By the Hamilton Caster Co. of Hamilton, OH.

Grease fittings on wheels and forks. Double raceway bearings for high quality performance (two concentric circles of ball bearings- a technology to address both vertical and horizontal stresses). I'd guess these to have at least a 600 lb load rating per caster; this is what you want for that kitchen island!

8” overall height. 6” diameter, 2" wide wheels. 4 1/2” x 6 1/2” mounting plates. Over 10 lbs each.

Thoroughly cleaned- power wire brushes removed thick rust and grime, soaked in degreaser and scrubbed again by hand with detailing wire brushes. Moving parts lubricated. Ready for immediate installation!

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